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You may notice that this site is being refurbished a bit. Well, I've had this site online for 12 years at this address and I figured it was time to clean things up and clear off a lot of the old stuff that's been collecting dust. For now, everything is still here, and thanks to archives, they will probably always be somewhere on the Internet. In the process, I'm giving the site a retro feel with some specially-chosen (and freeware) fonts to evoke the styles of a pre-Helvetica mid-20th century era.

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About J. Myrle Fuller
J. Myrle Fuller

Meteorologist (BS. in meteorology, SUNY Oswego)
Singer and entertainer (featured cast member in Grease at Ray Evans Seneca Theater, summer 2017)
Sports announcer (announcing and board operation, plus national anthem singing, at Little Valley Speedway, 2010–15)

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Weather Forecasts and Information

Fuller's Weekly Little Valley, NY/Cattaraugus County Forecast (PDF)

The Fullervision Weather Resource Page
RADAR, satellite, models, historical links and more

Current Special Features

The Cord-Cutter's Guide to (Legal) Free Live Television
Directory of streaming Internet TV stations

The Lost ZIP Codes of Cattaraugus County, NY
Geographic reference

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