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Thank you for visiting Fullervision.qn.com. Today's top story: the weather continues to be messy, we have links to Buffalo's weather service and live statewide road conditions.
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Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Thursday, January 6, 2005
The big news this morning is the weather; snow and ice conditions have caused significant road trouble. TravelInfoNY.com/WTA will keep you posted on road conditions. Many schools have been closed. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for Cattaraugus County, go to www.ERH.NOAA.gov/Buf for further updates.
Rep. John "Randy" Kuhl (R-NY) is currently awaiting assignment to committees; he hopes to serve on Agriculture, Transportation, and/or Financial Services committees.
Excerpted from WPIG.com: Kuhl Awaits Committee Assignments
U-S Representative Randy Kuhl should know what his committee assignments are in a few days. Republicans are in the process of deciding who will serve where. Kuhl would like to sit on the Agriculture, Transportation, and Financial Services Committees. Kuhl took the oath of office this week in Washington.
In sports, St. Bonaventure loses yet again, 72-70 to Rhode Island. Their season so far is worse than the San Francisco 49ers, who have fired their head coach, Dennis Erickson, while general manager Terry Donahue has stepped down. [It makes you wonder, is Anthony Solomon headed for the same fate?]
Here we go again: The Associated Press is reporting that self-proclaimed atheist minister and lawyer Michael Newdow is back, this time pulling together 8 parents to re-file the same Pledge of Allegiance case that was thrown out of the Supreme Court earlier this year.
And lastly, in Fullervision Web site news, remember those "audio updates" that I had on this Web site a couple of months ago? Well, they're going to be making a comeback, with daily audio news updates. Radio stations interested in carrying the daily audiocast can e-mail me at jfu@five95.net.

Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Wednesday, January 5, 2005
College football probably has an undisputed champion this year, as Southern California whalloped Oklahoma, 55-19 in the Orange Bowl to claim the national championship. The crowd would have been pretty happy with the result, had it not been for one Ashlee Simpson. Her sexually suggestive song, with lyrics that included "You make me wanna love you/In the kitchen, on the floor" and several sexually suggestive grunts, got her booed off the stage during the Orange Bowl halftime show. There's an article with more on Juice E-News Daily. Also, check out Lipsync.us, a Web site devoted to the Milli Van-Ashlee Simpson lip-synch debacle (and one instance given to Millindsay Vanillohan), where there's a video.
Today, Gov. George Pataki issues his State of the State address, and the Cattaraugus County Legislature convenes. Gov. Pataki's address can be found here.
The Salamanca Press is reporting that the study of a consolidation between Ellicottville and West Valley Central Schools is going ahead as planned, even though, as Fullervision and the Springville Journal reported, West Valley still doesn't have a voter registration list, casting a huge shadow of doubt on any vote that happens in the district, especially with tons of "tourists" going through nearby E'Ville every day.

Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Tuesday, January 4, 2005
The Cattaraugus County Legislature has selected Dick Giardini as the Democratic Minority Leader, according to the Olean Times Herald.
A hostage situation in Gowanda came to a peaceful end Monday as the hostage taker passed out drunk (WGRZ). He now faces attempted murder charges.
The Seneca Nation of Indians has launched an investigation into an $80,000,000 loan taken from a Malaysian billionaire at 30% interest (in violation of New York State law, which states that a loan cannot be taken at more than 24.9% interest).
A lot of local news is going to be happening tomorrow... that's when the Cattaraugus County Legislature meets and New York Governor George Pataki issues his "State of the State" address.
The B.€.S. Championship game between Southern California and Oklahoma takes place tonight on ABC. Although the ESPN/USA Today coaches' poll is required to place 1-2 these two teams, the AP poll, which was yanked from the B.€.S. formula, can vote for any team. Some considerations may be given to Auburn, who won over Virginia Tech last night, and Utah, who had a thoroughly dominating performance over Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl.

Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Monday, January 3, 2005

In Orchard Park, NY, the Buffalo Bills (9-7) lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers (15-1), 29-24. In the close matchup, the turning point was when Buffalo kicker Rian Lindell choked on a 28-yard field goal that would have given Buffalo a 20-16 lead (eerily similar to their first loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars). Later in the game, Buffalo quarterback Drew Bledsoe coughed up the football (almost literally) only to have the fumble returned for a touchdown (eerily similar to their fourth loss, to New England). Buffalo has been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Since this Web site now also covers a sizable portion of Pennsylvania, Fullervision will cover Pittsburgh as they make a run for Super Bowl XXXIX. Beyond the NFL season, Fullervision plans on covering the Arena Football League and the National Lacrosse League.
The Cattaraugus County legislature is meeting on Wednesday to prepare for 2005, and at least one legislator is optimistic:
Excerpted from WPIG.com: Cattaraugus County Legislature Looks Towards 2005
Looking ahead at the New Year, at least one Cattaraugus County legislator believes county government is not in trouble financially. But although the county budget is balanced, Republican Paul Schafer of Olean knows the cost of running the government is hard on taxpayers. Schafer said he never received one phone call about government waste on the county level. Schaffer also said county lawmakers could do their part to hold the line on expenses. Schaffer said legislators receive generous benefits, and they are not all necessary. County legislators meet Wednesday in Little Valley, to reorganize for the coming legislative year.
Chautauqua County leaders-- not so much:
Excerpted from WJTN.com: Caflisch to watch spending in 2005 with tight finances, two major projects to begin
As the new year begins... the county legislature's Minority Leader says he's going to continue to watch the bottom line. Republican Jim Caflisch says that's especially regarding spending under the Comprehensive Performance Partnership... which has led the way for the county's Performance-based Government. Caflisch feels the program hasn't saved the county the money it was supposed to. He believes there are other examples of municipalities that have achieved more success than the county has. But... Caflisch does say the GOP will be supportive of efforts to cut the local cost of Medicaid... which has skyrocketed in the past three years.
And in Fullervision Web site news, we're now officially linked up on Orbusmax.com, a news Web site for the Pacific Northwest.

Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Sunday, January 2, 2005
In Orchard Park, NY, the Pittsburgh Steelers (14-1), riding the wave of a 13-game winning streak, come into Buffalo to face the Bills (9-6), who, if they win AND either Denver loses to Indianapolis OR New Jersey loses to St. Louis, will make the playoffs. The game will be carried live on WSPQ. Current line from FoxSports.com: BUF -9.5 (33.5)-- IS THIS RIGHT??
In the NCAA bowl games, B.C.S. crasher Utah throttled Pittsburgh, 35-7 in the Fiesta Bowl. The Rose Bowl saw Texas edge Michigan, 38-37, in their first ever meeting.
Latest quotie from CBS News's "Doom & Gloom Woman" Kimberly Dozier: "Some people would argue that fighting for democracy [in Iraq] was easier under Saddam [Hussein]."

Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Saturday, January 1, 2005
In Hammondsport, NY, Rep.-elect John "Randy" Kuhl has announced a local ceremony for before he heads off to Washington. WPIG's Gary Nease reports:
Excerpted from WPIG.com: Kuhl to Hold Local Ceremony
Representative-elect Randy Kuhl is inviting everyone to a swearing-in ceremony at the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, to be held New Years Day at 2 p.m. Kuhl said the local ceremony is being held because the official swearing-in event in Washington is difficult for people to attend. The regional event is free, and the Curtiss Museum is located a mile south of Hammondsport on Route 54.

In West Valley, NY, the West Valley Central School District just realized that they have no voter registration list (Springville Journal)... this may be a bit disturbing considering that there's a study involving the district being annexed to Ellicottville coming up.
In Buffalo, NY, the Erie County budget saga continues as a court judge declares the budget passed 24 hours past the deadline is pretty much legal (WIVB)... but don't think that this is over by a long shot (WGRZ)...
Casino Niagara, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, has been degraded to loft-apartment status as the lowest two floors are going to be rented out for retail space (WIVB)...
New York State's minimum wage is going up, in the first of 3 increments that will raise the minimum wage to $7.15/hr. The wage now stands at $6.00/hr. Other neighboring states' minimum wages will remain at $5.15/hr, creating yet another significant disadvantage to New York State businesses.
In sports, Boise State, who had a 22-game winning streak only to be snubbed by the B.C.S., finally lost in the Liberty Bowl last night to Louisville, 44-40. The Cotton, Gator, and Citrus (a.k.a. "Capital One") Bowls, followed by the first of the B.C.S. bowls, are on tap today.

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