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Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Sunday, March 20, 2005
Today is the first day of spring, which started at the vernal equinox, ~7:30 am ET. It is also Palm Sunday.
Today is also the day that, according to an unconfirmed report, protests against the Internet cigarette-credit card deal will begin, with the potential to seal off the City of Salamanca and the Seneca Reservations. While in my opinion, large-scale protests seem highly unlikely, it is still possible... so, travelers, take the following advice:
Fullervision News will monitor the situation as it develops... I will be passing through Salamanca this morning to survey the situation (and catch my bus to Oswego).
Sports scene: U.B. falls to St. Joseph's in the NIT, 55-50... the Knighthawks defeated the Bandits, 11-10 in overtime. Today, another Amerks game and the NASCAR Golden Corral 500.

Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Saturday, March 19, 2005
Get ready for yet another Hillary Clintern running for office-- adviser Leecia Eve, son of "We Believe in" Arthur Eve, is contemplating a run for lieutenant governor under Eliot Spitzer, this from WLEA.
The end of an era: Buffalo Councilman Jimmy Griffin, who served as mayor for 16 years through the 1980s, is finally calling it quits effective this weekend, this from WIVB.
Sports scene: today-- AHL: Amerks @ Syracuse, NLL: Bandits @ Knighthawks, NIT: UB @ St. Joseph's (audio)... tomorrow-- NASCAR: Golden Corral 500, AHL: Cleveland vs. Amerks @ Buffalo. Last night: Bandits over Minnesota, 13-11 and the Amerks over Albany, 5-3... meanwhile, the Syracuse Orange was eliminated in a first-round overtime loss, 60-57 to Vermont.

Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Friday, March 18, 2005
Fullervision News has received an unconfirmed report from within the City of Salamanca saying that the Seneca Nation of Indians is going to launch a massive series of protests, possibly including the tire fires made infamous during the 1990s, that would close off the City of Salamanca beginning this Sunday. These protests would be in response to Gov. George Pataki and AG Eliot Spitzer, along with the governors and attorneys general of nine other states, convincing the major credit card companies to stop doing business with Internet cigarette vendors (most of whom are Indians). Fullervision News will have more details as they become available.
Update, noon ET: Added Buffalo News article stating Seneca response to cigarette deal.
This weekend's sports: the Amerks host Albany this Friday, travel to Syracuse this Saturday, and face Cleveland this Sunday in Buffalo, where they will be experimenting with "blue ice." In the NLL, the Bandits host Minnesota on Friday, and on Saturday, they travel to Rochester for another matchup with the Knighthawks. UB continues its NIT run against St. Joseph's this Saturday (audio), while NASCAR runs the Golden Corral 500.
As if we're really surprised, a disturbing trend took place yesterday in the NCAA tournament-- in the four 1/2/3 vs. 16/15/14 seed games yesterday, the 14/15/16 seeds held very close to the 1/2/3 seeds well through halftime... but then the 1/2/3 seeds would go on this run while the 14/15/16 seeds would seemingly disintegrate. This includes yesterday's matchup between Niagara (14) and Oklahoma (3).

Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Thursday, March 17, 2005
Oh, boy: WKBW-TV and WBEN are reporting that Erie County Legislature Chairman George Holt has even more problems on his hands, with a seemingly suspicious $100,000 in pork funding going to his son's "All Pro Hoops" program. Nobody from the "All Pro Hoops" program was available for comment and the program seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.
Last night in the NIT opener, UB defeated Drexel, 81-76, this report from the Buffalo News. They face St. Joseph's this Saturday. Niagara's team takes on NCAA powerhouse Oklahoma this afternoon.
Meanwhile, down here in Cattaraugus County, cuts continue to try and close a $1.4-million budget gap in that county's budget, this from WPIG.

Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Well, who'd have thought that we'd have a 9.1% increase in Cattaraugus County's general fund balance (i.e. a $1,000,000+ surplus from last year)? Well, according to the Salamanca Press, that's exactly what happened, due to overestimating social services expenses and underestimating sales tax revenue.
Remember that notorious "Math A" test? It's gone now-- they're going back to a traditional categorized math system, this from the Associated Press.
The Rochester Americans will be experimenting with blue ice as they take on the Cleveland Barons in Buffalo this Sunday, this from the Associated Press.

Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Today is the infamous "Ides of March," the anniversary of the death of Emperor Julius Caesar.
Today's headline: New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi (above) is going to look into the Erie County budget fiasco, this from WGRZ.

Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Monday, March 14, 2005
Bracketologists start your engines: the NCAA Basketball Tournament brackets have been released... click here for the printable bracket. In general, it's a disappointment-- Niagara, a guaranteed bid, was knocked all the way down to #14 in the "Austin" region, while Buffalo was snubbed despite a 22-win season after a nailbiter loss in the M.A.C. championship. The Bulls will play in the NIT against Drexel this Saturday while Niagara is forced to face traditional NCAA powerhouse Oklahoma.

Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Sunday, March 13, 2005
Well, it has been said that Buffalo is a hard-luck city... I personally think that it's a conspiracy against the city by other states to sap us out of a championship team and the revenues that would come with it... but somehow, Ohio University, playing against the University of Buffalo, managed to come back from a 19-point deficit to tie the Mid-American Conference championship and force an overtime... still unable to overcome, a second overtime was forced, and guess what-- somehow Ohio won on a last-second shot (by a freshman, no less) that SAT ON THE RIM (a magnet, perhaps?) before going in... go figure... so now, the automatic bid for the MAC goes to Ohio, and Buffalo will probably have to settle for an NIT bid (the NCAA has a notorious bias against "mid-major" conferences on all levels, and of course there's the aforementioned anti-Buffalo angle, so they will most likely be robbed of a chance at the NCAA championship despite a 20-win season). The official NCAA bracket will be released at 6:00 PM today. Click here for the Buffalo News article.
In other sports, the Rochester Americans failed to notch a point for the first time in over a month, losing in regulation to Syracuse, 3-1... but the Knighthawks were able to pull off a 13-12 win over Philadelphia.

Fullervision.qn.com NEWS for Saturday, March 12, 2005
In sports last night, the Bandits outscored Minnesota, 23-16, while the Amerks edged Binghamton, 4-3 (this is odd, the schedule said they were playing Syracuse last night). Check out the (probably now erroneous) sports scene here.
A judge in Niagara Falls threw an entire courtroom-- spectators and all-- into jail after one cell phone rang, this from WIVB.

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