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Salamanca gets a bailout

The State of New York issued a $5,000,000 zero-interest loan to the city of Salamanca after withholding the payments, due the city from the state, for nearly a year. The state refused to pay the city their payments due to the fact that the source of funding those payments-- exclusivity payments from the Seneca nation stemming from a casino on the city's western side-- has been disrupted since September of last year. (Senator Catharine Young press release) 7/27

USPS proposes closing Otto, Dayton post offices

The U.S. Postal Service has announced its intentions to possibly close roughly a tenth of the total number of post offices in the United States, most of them being in rural areas. Three of those are located in Cattaraugus County: Otto, Dayton, and Farmersville, and one (Niobe) is located in Chautauqua County. A massive list of seven post offices are slated for closure to our east in Allegany County. (WBEN) 7/27

Weather: When will we see some rain?

Mostly cloudyThis coming week will provide several opportunities for some much needed rain showers. I'll tell you what days we're most likely to get any in this week's weather forecast. 7/23

The end of one-dollar soda in Little Valley

Sixt Lumber PepsiYou can no longer buy a 20 oz. Pepsi with a dollar in Little Valley anymore. The Sixt Lumber vending machine (pictured at right), which charged only $1.00 for 20 oz. bottles of Pepsi, Gatorade, and Lipton Green Tea, has raised its price to $1.50, citing cost increases. The Sixt machine was the lowest-priced 20 oz. drink in town prior to the price increase. Now, that honor goes to the John's Collision vending machine, which sells Pepsi products for $1.25. (However, I can't guarantee how long that will last, and the machine is currently empty other than some root beer.) Crosby's also sells a 12 oz. can of Pepsi for 99¢ plus tax and deposit. (FV Exclusive) 7/18

Center Street Bridge to reopen August 1, 2011

Finally, after nearly two years without a bridge on the west side of the city of Salamanca, which really threw a wrench into detour plans when I-86 washed out this past June... the new bridge over the Allegheny River is nearly complete and is on pace to be reopened August 1, roughly three months ahead of schedule and just in time for the Cattaraugus County Fair. There were some rumors it was to have opened July 4, but those rumors were obviously untrue.  (Salamanca Press) 7/13

Lloyd Long gets five years probation, $1.38M fine

Long, formerly a major business owner in Little Valley, was sentenced to five years probation and $1,380,000 in restitution to several states for using a Seneca woman to operate two Salamanca Uni-Marts and an online business with the same tax exemptions granted to the Senecas, as well as for tax evasion. Long will serve no jail time. Keep in mind, Long pled guilty to this crime three years ago. (Buffalo News) 7/10

Weather: A beautiful summer weekend is in store

SunSeasonably warm temperatures of around 80 degrees and sunny skies will dominate this weekend, while the rest of the week's outlook only includes some light rain on Tuesday and sunny skies the rest of the day. More in this week's weather forecast. 7/9

Counterfeit dollar coins in Little Valley?

              Presidential DollarFile this under "The News I Missed" but last week, T&H Brooks Market (note: I work there) ceased accepting Golden Presidential Dollars (pictured) as payments, due to a series of highly sophisticated apparent counterfeits that were spent. The phonies have a distinct yellow sheen, particularly on the portraits, and are much shinier and more reflective than real dollar coins. If you see any of these coins in circulation, contact the Secret Service at (716)551-4401. (FV Exclusive) 7/9

State set to legalize sparklers-- for next year

Lost in the shuffle of the whole same-sex marriage dispute was a law that would legalize the sale of sparklers, small fountains and other similar non-explosive fireworks to adults. Firecrackers are still banned, as are other, larger explosives. (Gannett) 7/7

First the cigarettes, and now the... sippy cups???

The New York State legislature, under heavy pressure from the dental lobby, passed a bill demanding that sippy cups have warning labels attached warning of the threat of tooth decay. (And yes, I am aware that baby teeth eventually fall out and are replaced by new, permanent ones over the course of childhood.) The bill awaits the signature of Governor Andrew Cuomo; previous governor David Paterson had vetoed a similar bill.  (New York Daily News) 7/4

Fred Dicker keeps pushing the Cuomo rumor mill

Fred Dicker, the man directly responsible for Andrew Cuomo becoming governor of New York, continues his campaign for Cuomo to seek higher office with yet more speculation that Cuomo will replace Joe Biden as the running mate of incumbent President Barack Obama. As I said the last time Fred Dicker peddled this rumor, such a move is very rare in modern politics and hasn't happened since FDR, so don't count on it. (New York Post) 7/4

State set to approve hydraulic fracturing today

After a moratorium of several months, the Cuomo administration released regulations today regarding the authorization of hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Formation. The bill prohibits the practice (known perjoratively among its opponents as "hydrofracking") within the watersheds of Syracuse and New York City but leaves 85% of the field open for drilling. (Liz Benjamin) 7/1

State names sweet corn the official state "vegetable"

Sweet cornJust keep in mind: corn is considered a grain, not a vegetable. The introduction of higher levels of corn into the American diet, including high fructose corn syrup, has coincided with major increases in obesity. (Notice the rate of obesity among the Indians, who claim corn as one of the "Three Sisters" staples of their diets.) Corn is better associated with Iowa, ethanol and corruption. However, senator Young decided to vote in favor of the grain as a vegetable. 6/26

Same-sex marriage becomes law in New York

State senate vote: 33-29 in favor Friday night. Young votes against. By party: GOP 4-28, DEM 25-1, IDC 4-0. Rev. Rubén Díaz (Bronx) the lone DEM dissident. GOP dissidents: McDonald (Capital District), Alesi (Rochester), Grisanti (Buffalo), Saland (Hudson Valley). 6/26

Not telling welfare about your boyfriend is a crime

Just ask Olivia Schink of Machias. The 22-year-old was charged with filing a false instrument and welfare fraud after the county alleged she had a boyfriend and didn't note it on her application. What the county meant by boyfriend wasn't clear, and how close the two were wasn't stated. However, they weren't married.  (Gowanda Pennysaver, no link) 6/26

Governor reaches deal with CSEA union

Among the key details: a wage freeze for two years, unpaid furloughs that span nine days over two years (but will eventually be paid back during the next governor's term-- how convenient), no reforms to step/longevity raises (in other words, they're not frozen), some minor increases in health insurance premiums, no pension reforms, and no layoffs. (Liz Benjamin) 6/22

Rumor has it: upstate Senate GOP to oust Skelos

Now, keep in mind, folks, that this is Fred Dicker, so the reliability isn't very good, but rumor has it that the upstate caucus is dissatisfied with the same-sex marriage negotiations and wants to replace Senate GOP leader Dean Skelos, a member of the "Long Island Nine," with Binghamton's Thomas Libous. 6/20

Wx: A beautiful weekend, but a not-so-nice week

This Father's Day weekend is going to be fabulous. Heading into next week? Not so much. More on this in this week's weather forecast. 6/18

Rep. Reed promoted to Ways and Means

Rep. Tom Reed (R-29NY) was promoted to the influential Ways and Means Committee on the U.S. House of Representatives. The committee has domain over all taxation and entitlement programs; it is the origin of all tax laws. (Corning Leader) 6/15

Cattaraugus Fire Dept. loses tax-exempt status

Among other area organizations losing said status are the Little Valley Lions Club, the AMVETS post, and at least three labor unions in Salamanca. (Business First) 6/13


Latest weather forecast. 6/11

State Dems propose single-payer health system

The New York State Assembly and Senate Democratic caucuses have put forth a bill that will create a single-payer universal health system in which every person must participate. There'd be no co-pays or premiums, but your income tax will increase to cover it. So far, the Republican Senate isn't biting. (Gannett) 6/8

Townhall.com profiles Salamanca & it ain't pretty

Let me put it this way: the title of the article is "Portrait of a Failed American City." 6/6

Weather: Rain tonight, gone tomorrow

The only major threat of rain in the next five days comes tonight. More on this in this week's weather forecast. 6/4

UPDATE: State will build new I-86 detour lane

I-86The state DOT didn't make it clear whether the eastbound lane of I-86 would be reduced to one lane or if an extra westbound lane would be built in the middle of the highway, but the DOT has reversed course and announced that on June 10, they will open a new westbound lane on I-86 to compensate for the collapse of the current highway. The move comes after a single day of chaotic traffic along the path of the detour. 6/3

Well, this didn't take long: accidents abound on 242

The decision to reroute traffic along New York State Route 242, one of the hilliest highways in the region, is turning into a debacle, with several misdirected detours and accidents along the way. Keep in mind, all of this was over the course of ONE DAY. This is going to be a LONG summer... (WIVB) (Post-Journal) 6/2

Eric Massa pays his wife, hefty legal fees with camp $

Eric MassaFormer Congressman Eric Massa continues to draw from his campaign account (estimated at $600,000 at the time of his resignation) to pay lawyers fending off his legal troubles with his former congressional staff. His wife continues to earn a $20,000 a year salary from the campaign funds. (Gannett) 6/2

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