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Cuomo vetoes sale of sparklers and Roman candles (WBEN)... 9/27

Third fall foliage report of the season
is included in the weather forecast... 9/22

Second fall foliage report of the season
Colors are starting to show themselves a little more this week. The colors that are showing up are varying widely from dull browns out on Fair Oak Street to a few hints of brilliant orange on the south hill. I took a ride to Salamanca but it was too hazy for me to notice any significant color changes. Around the state, the colors have been relatively slow to change; the Catskills and Adirondacks are still listed as "just changing" while the core is nearing midpoint. The rest of the state has shown no change. (Official state report) 9/15

Republican primary day in the town

Polls open 12 noon to 9 pm at the Little Valley fire hall. All four seats up for primary are for town offices: supervisor, town board (2), and clerk. Two distinct slates are running for the Republican nomination.
Citizen's Committee (Blue Slate):
Supervisor: Tim Zimbardi, Clerk: Mary Nagurney, Town board: Paul Stetz and Mark Aldrich
Red Slate:
Supervisor: Pete Wrona, Clerk: Susan Koch (incumbent), Town board: David Shinners (incumbent) and Phil Gross
Winners will go on to the general election, where the Democrats have nominated Sharon Fellows for supervisor and incumbent Jim Frentz for town board, in November. 9/13
UPDATE 9/14 with results:
Supervisor: Wrona (RS) 92, Zimbardi (CC) 74
Clerk: Koch (RS-Inc.) 124, Nagurney (CC) 46
Town board (2): Shinners (RS-Inc.) 110, Gross (RS) 101, Stetz (CC) 63, Aldrich (CC) 59

First fall foliage report of the season released

The state of New York has issued its first fall foliage report of the 2011 season. As is typical of the state's first report, they only have a small tag of the Adirondacks as having changed more than 10 percent. My eyes tend to disagree; it appears that most of the trees, especially the north-facing ones, have reached the 10 percent mark, with a variety of yellows and oranges beginning to show in Little Valley. (Official state report) 9/8

MDA Telethon, sans Jerry Lewis, draws suspicious total

In six hours, the Muscular Dystrophy Association's revamped telethon claimed a total of $61,491,393, which somehow is more than the entire draw of the 20-hour telethon in 2010. Per hour, MDA would have more than tripled its pledges compared to previous years. However, I have reason to be suspicious of the MDA's claims, not only because it was demoted to smaller stations because of the prime time move and because of their mishandling of the departure of founder and host Jerry Lewis. Note that the record draw for the MDA's twenty-hour telethon, in 2008, is $65,031,393. The last four digits of that total are exactly the same as the purported draw in 2011. Now, keep in mind: back in the 1800s, numbers runners used to use money totals (such as the U.S. Treasury balance or the payouts of horse races) as the sources for their drawings, due to their randomness. The chances of the last four numbers exactly matching are one in ten thousand. Also note that thte 2009 telethon drew $60,481,231. Of the first five digits, the ten-millions, hundred-thousands, and thousands digits are exactly the same, while the millions and ten-thousands digits are one digit off. It seems to me that they chopped off the first four digits of 2009, the last four digits of 2008, and upped a couple of digits to make the total look bigger. Still, there was talk of the MDA trying to reach $120,000,000 this year, nearly double the record, even with the loss of Lewis, the shorter telethon and worse clearances-- that was never going to happen. Is it possible they got that much money? Sure; after all, any publicity is good publicity as the phrase goes, and the MDA got a lot of it, even if it was universally negative. 9/5

Latest weather forecast... 9/3

Thanksgiving Fullervision Style 2011!

Seneca President Rob Porter: Demanding a $150 business license for any business on their territory, even non-Seneca ones
(but will they allow them to sell tax-free cigarettes? Fat chance) (Salamanca Press)... UPDATE: Clarification-- apparently the conditions of Seneca leases make most non-Indians exempt (SP) 8/31

The comptroller is raising your taxes again
(Gannett)... 8/24



Weather update:
A decent Saturday, but a dreary start to next week is in store (weather forecast)... 8/13

Could the race monopoly end soon? Cuomo actively considering allowing non-Indian gaming (AP)... 8/11

Another reason why upstate is better than downstate: Volunteerism rates in NYC are among the lowest in the country, while upstate cities are above average (Gannett)... 8/9

FV8: Fullervision Enterprises celebrates its 8th birthday today. 8/7


And... both the North 9th Street and the Salamanca Center Street bridges are back open!
Official: Cattaraugus County Fair official site

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