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Archived stories from Sunday, October 7, 2007 through Wednesday, December 6, 2007
Death by giant roll of paper (AP)... (12/6)

Trouble in Lucy-ville: Lucille Ball's children, Lucie and Desi Jr., along with Wanda Clark (Ball's secretary) and sponsor Mary Rapaport have walked away from the board of directors of the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center in Jamestown, citing unresolvable disputes. Local residents have taken their places (Jamestown Post-Journal)... (12/5)

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Spitzer to commission a research group to "help New York develop a UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE coverage plan" (Associated Press)... (12/5)

New York State tax revenue bailing out the stupid: And all at the hands of our very own state senator, Catharine Young (WLEA)... (12/3)

An announcement regarding winter ski reports:
Yes, we at Fullervision do plan on returning to the winter ski slope reports for the 2007-08 season. Because this season has been surprisingly normal, most of the ski slopes will be opening at their normal time next weekend. Thus, for those slopes that will be open next weekend, we will be running slope reports. (12/2)

AP writer Michael Gormley is pissed-- and for good reason: "Despite gloomy forecasts, NY's budget poised for busting — again" (Associated Press)... (12/1)

Well, this isn't good news: Landslide causes a stop in I-67/US 219 construction (Ellicottville Villager)... (11/30)

One of the little gems in the farm bill (thank you, Chuck the Schmuck): stealing private land for public use via legislation. Now, don't get me wrong, I support game hunting as much as anyone here (my brother even has a hunting license), but Chuck Schumer's plan to spend federal money and force landowners to give up their land for the practice is not worth it! (Jamestown Post-Journal)... (11/30)

Backwardraugus County Republicans: Raising your taxes (Salamanca Press)... (11/30)

I don't tend to talk much about goings-on in the city of Olean (never really felt a need), but what's been going on there for the past couple of weeks has been nothing short of amusing: mayor David Carucci decided a couple weeks ago to install a nativity scene in front of City Hall, and the council got its knickers in a huge twist... then the Wiccans demanded "equal space" and Carucci said "be my guest." A month of articles from the Olean Times Herald should explain the amusing sequence of events very well. (11/30)

Here's something that may have been missed: The Seneca Nation this week tried to apply to the FCC for a license for a radio station in Irving, presumably to spew propaganda. Unfortunately for them they were knocked out by several religious broadcasters (Scott Fybush)... (11/27)

Guess who's involved in cigarette smuggling? You guessed it-- the Indians (AP)... (11/24)

Surprise, surprise... Bush Industries to lay off 75 at its Jamestown plant, only 6 months after closing its Little Valley plant and supposedly transferring those jobs to Jamestown. An excellent writeup on this bait-and-switch from the Jamestown Post-Journal. (11/22)

BUSTED... ARE THE LONGS THE NEXT RIGASES?: Lloyd Long, a member of the Long family (owners of the Cattaraugus County Chronicle, the Huggies Coin Laundry, the now-closed Uni-Mart and the Island Tan in Little Valley) was arrested this past week for tax evasion after ATF officials determined that the two now-closed Salamanca Uni-Marts that were supposedly "native owned and operated" were not in fact owned by an Indian as Long had claimed but solely by Long himself. Furthermore, their house was reportedly searched, sources close to Fullervision say, for any and all documents, which were seized, leaving only the "food, dishes and clothing." (The Seneca Nation is claiming credit for this as well although if they were involved with this, I'm not sure how much jurisdiction they would have, plus it just shows how much ego these self-privileged jerks have for their precious unfair advantage. So much for egalitarian ideals in America.) (Jamestown Post-Journal)... (Salamanca Press)... (11/21)
-- P.S. WIVB, please get your facts straight. The Uni-Marts have been closed since August, they weren't closed yesterday.

OBIT: Dick Wilson, 91. Better known as "Mr. Whipple" from Charmin commercials. (11/19)
OBIT: Jim Ringo, 75. Hall of Fame NFL centerman for the Green Bay Packers, one-time head coach of the Buffalo Bills, and possibly the inspiration for the stage name of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. (11/19)

There are a lot of sites reporting this, but I think the summary from WYSL puts it just about as well as I could: Thruway tolls to spike. But hold the phone: Thomas DiNapoli, the comptroller, has commissioned an audit, and according to WLEA, it was at the request of State Senator Cathy Young. (Personally, I don't think it's a good idea for her to be pushing this-- higher thruway tolls would push more drivers to the free Southern Tier Expressway, which just happens to run right through most of our area. There is, however, a piece of I-90 that runs through northern Chautauqua County. Also, I'm a little surprised DiNapoli, a Long Island Democrat, actually took advice from Young, an upstate Republican. I'm starting to see why Spitzer opposed him so vehemently...) (11/19)


Irony: It's funny how the Senecas like to scream "sovereignty" when they don't want to pay taxes... but when they get their cigarettes stolen... yep, you guessed it... they call in the Cattaraugus County Sheriffs. (Last I checked, the Senecas do have their own police force, too.) (WESB)... (11/14)


I love headlines like this: From the Jamestown Post-Journal: "Drivers beware: Bambi’s on the loose..." (Also a heads-up: deer season starts Saturday.) (11/13)

SENECAS DELINQUENT ON CASINO PAYMENTS TO STATE, CITY OF SALAMANCA SUFFERS (Sharon Turano, Jamestown Post-Journal)... (11/12) (Gee, and with Moe John, who won't pay his federal taxes, at the helm of the SNI too... who'd have thought??)

OUTRAGEOUS: Seneca Nation takes child away from non-Seneca mother (WESB)... (11/10)

OBIT: Norman Mailer, 84. Author. (11/10)

Apparently there's been some snow in Cattaraugus County (Olean Times-Herald)... (11/9)

Like we needed an audit to state the obvious: Government education spending far outpaces inflation, according to comptroller Thomas DiNapoli (WYSL)... (11/8)

This quite possibly could be the dumbest idea I've ever heard: trick-or-treaters... getting stoned (WYSL)... (11/8)

Do you know who you're voting for on Election Day? (This was posted on 11/6.) If not, click here for the list of candidates in Cattaraugus County-- also check there for results as they are announced. Please note: As this is an odd year, there are no state or national elections this year (other than "state supreme court" justices, of whom we know next to nothing), and county legislators and town board members are the predominant offices up for grabs this year.
UPDATE: In District 3, with 6 of 8 precincts reporting, Fullervision projects Norm Marsh and Robert Neal, both Republicans, to win the race. All incumbents won in the Town of Little Valley. A full report from the Salamanca Press.
EDITOR'S NOTE: I find it outrageous that Democrat James Griffith, who's going along with Spitzer's license plans like a lap dog, is running unopposed. If I had known this I would have mounted a write-in campaign sooner...

Sheldon Silver: Spitzer's compromise driver's license plan not good enough (New York Daily News)... (11/5)

STANDARD TIME BEGINS... HAVE YOU SET YOUR CLOCK BACK YET?? Check here to see if you have the right time. (11/4)

Now this is precious: ABC News claims it was censored by the White House... (11/3)

Don't disco and do dental work: Such was the lesson learned by a Syracuse area dentist, who was sued after he lost a drill bit in a patient's head while dancing to the song "Car Wash." (Syracuse Post-Standard)... (11/3)

Cattaraugus County man killed in accident involving county DPW truck (Associated Press)... (11/1)

Spitzer backs down on taxing the Seneca Mafia (Associated Press)... (10/31)

Spitzer's budget buster bombshell (why am I not surprised?) (Associated Press)... (10/31)

New York State Fall Foliage Report: FINAL REPORT, Week of November 1
Most all of upstate New York has now progressed well past peak, save for a few isolated spots. However, the state has pointed out several points in the state where there is still significant color remaining; Little Valley is cited as one of them.
With this report comes the end of Fullervision's reporting of the fall foliage season. It was truly a beautiful display of foliage this year particularly in this area, with a broad mixture of oranges, yellows and reds predominant when I was back at the World Headquarters in Little Valley for the weekend two weeks ago. I thank you for visiting Fullervision for the fall foliage viewing information.
A map showing the weekly progression of New York's colors is in the works.

OBIT: Robert Goulet, 73. Baritone lounge singer and Broadway star. (10/30)

A little laugh for your day: In Westfield, NY, a misunderstanding led to a rumor that a proposed camp for "nature buffs" would be in fact a camp for "nudists in the buff;" the founder wants to clear the air that no, he's not turning his property into a nudist colony (Jamestown Post-Journal)... (10/30)

I wonder if anyone sees this as a problem: 1 in 5 New York tax dollars comes directly from levies on Wall Street (Associated Press)... (10/29)

Only in a small town is this considered front-page news: Barn silo collapses in Randolph, thousands in grain lost (Jamestown Post-Journal)... (10/29)

Now this is too rich: Spitzer compares a "driver's license" to the Metro bus pass (New York Daily News)... (10/29)

Note: I am aware that there was supposedly an agreement this past Saturday between Spitzer and Michael Chertoff regarding this issue that will impose a multi-tiered ID system. I don't buy it. First off, Spitzer is Jewish. Jews don't work on Saturday. Second, this seems like a plan for creeping incrementalism to implement this policy. Third, and this is the very reason I did not vote for Spitzer in the first place, is that this plan has no realistic way of being implemented in the short order that Spitzer so desires. I'm not buying it, and neither should you. Hence, why I'm not listing it.

OBIT: Porter Wagoner, 80. Legendary country musician and ambassador for the Grand Ole Opry. (10/28)

Indian tax wars update: This one with the Oneidas-- the state of New York is threatening to stop the catering of alcohol onto the Turning Stone Casino, which the state has ruled to be operating illegally (Syracuse Post-Standard)... (10/26)

It's unanimous: Cattaraugus County legislature votes against Spitzer's plan... but the county clerk falls for Cuomo's lies (Olean Times-Herald)... meanwhile, Erie and Niagara counties have a plan: if you're illegal and you apply for a driver's license, you're getting reported reported to the authorities. (Buffalo News)

Hurt in a car? Then don't call this guy: OK, I'm rehashing this headline from two years ago when Ross Cellino was suspended, but chances are you won't be hearing from "auto-injury attorney" William Mattar because all of his underlings have quit, claiming he pressured them into settling cases (Buffalo News)... (10/25)

New York State Fall Foliage Report: Week of October 25
While the area is now listed as "past peak," much of New York State between Buffalo and Albany is still well in the near-peak-to-peak color range. Also, the text report notes that those hillsides in the area that face the south (i.e. those to the viewer's north) are still very much at peak (and, upon my inspection, were near peak this past weekend). Colors in the mountain regions have long passed.
FoliageNetwork.com continues to list near peak foliage along with moderate leaf drop.
Source: ILoveNY.com

Andrew Cuomo and Sheldon Silver: Siding with Spitzer on the driver's license issue. Cuomo even has the gall to lie through his teeth regarding the legality of this initiative (New York Daily News)... (10/24)

Remark from Cattaraugus County tourism head on fall colors: "I don't remember the leaves ever being this brilliant" (Olean Times-Herald)... tourism in the area has also increased remarkably. (10/23)

The growth of "big government" in New York schools continues: ...as New York plans on creating a universal pre-kindergarten (Jamestown Post-Journal)... (10/23)

GOODBYE UNI-MART: The Uni-Mart in Little Valley, which has been in business at the intersection of Routes 242 and 353 for the past 25 years, shut down this past Sunday after a week-long clearance sale. Sources close to Fullervision report that new ownership is attempting to purchase the convenience store from Pirshlo (the company that also operates the Cattaraugus County Chronicle and is owned by the Long family, who is reportedly heavily in debt) and that several of the former employees are trying to re-earn their jobs with the new ownership. In the meantime, Brooks Supermarket on Main St. and Railroad Ave. has extended its hours on weekdays to 6 AM ET and has begun offering a line of breakfast sandwiches to fill the void caused by the store's closure. Lottery tickets can be purchased at the Crosby Dairyland on Erie St. (Route 353) between 8th and North 9th Streets. (FV Exclusive) (10/22)
UPDATE 10/26: If the scenario followed by the Uni-Mart in Kane, Pennsylvania is the same as the one in Little Valley, then the Uni-Mart Corporation itself is taking over the store (Kane Republican)...

Add Allegany County to those who oppose Spitzer's foreigner license program (Olean Times-Herald)... kind of makes Cattaraugus County's clerk, who's still supporting this, look a little stupid, doesn't it? Especially since the county itself, along with both Assemblyman Giglio and Senator Young (I'm shocked, I tell you), are opposing this. (Salamanca Press) (10/22)

Another "only in a small town" news report: Car hits two cows outside Little Valley, 49-year-old Barbara Beckman had to be removed using Jaws of Life but was unharmed, the two cows were killed (WESB)... (10/18)

Man to sue over damages to house in Ralph Phillips manhunt (WKBW)... (10/18)

OBIT: Joey Bishop, 89. The fourth member of the "Rat Pack" and host of a long-running variety show in the late 1960s.

New York State Fall Foliage Report: Week of October 18
We have some good news: this week is going to be perhaps the best time for leaf color in the area. While the Catskills and Adirondacks have progressed past peak, the Southern Tier is reaching peak color, while most of the rest of the state sits at near peak. (And yes, that's Little Valley dotted out at supposedly "past peak" color. When I make my trip home this weekend I'll see if I can verify or deny this.
FoliageNetwork.com continues to give "near peak" status to area foliage.
Source: ILoveNY.com

Latest AP "but monkey" agriculture piece (apologies to Laura Ingraham): Milk prices high, buoying farmer's paychecks, but like Chicken Little, it won't last. We can't say when it'll end, but it will. Trust us. (Associated Press)... (10/17)

...oh, and while they're at it: A ride on the WAAAH-mbulance as ski clubs complain about not enough immigrant labor (AP)... (10/17)

Eliot Spitzer's solution for those who disagree: cut off healthcare funds to their district (New York Post)... (10/17)

The end of the NLL? The National Lacrosse League, whose members include the Buffalo Bandits and Rochester Knighthawks, failed to reach an agreement with its player's union and thus have cancelled the 2008 season, which was scheduled to take place in January, three months ahead of time. (What are they thinking? Pretty much every other league tries to negotiate straight up into the regular season. Cancelling three months in advance??? That's foolish. Why negotiate when it doesn't matter?) (10/17)

Now this is one big-@$$ pumpkin-- 1403½ pounds, to be exact (Olean Times-Herald)...  and no, for those who are wondering, they're not edible. (Nice foliage in the background of the picture, by the way.) (10/15)

Malcolm Smith, man in the crossfire of Eliot Spitzer's meddling (New York Post)... (10/15)

First the school, now the Catholic church: Little Valley to merge into Cattaraugus, orders Catholic diocese (Buffalo News)... also closing will be churches in Perrysburg and South Dayton; West Valley, however, will keep its church but share a pastor. (Words of note: apparently these bozos are going by school district...) (10/15)
UPDATE 10/17: Reason given for the Little Valley closure is supposed "central location" of Cattaraugus; both parishes have approximately equal congregations. (Olean Times-Herald)...

It's not just Social Security: The Buffalo News reports that Eliot Spitzer, a few weeks ago, is going to make it even harder to identify temporary legal residents by removing the "sticker" that identifies them as such (Buffalo News)... (10/15)

Eliot Spitzer, partisan hack: Deciding that going on campaigns against his state's own Congressmen was more important than actually doing his job, Eliot Spitzer decided to take a trip to Elmira, NY, located in the 29th Congressional District, to say that Rep. Randy Kuhl, one of Spitzer's most outspoken critics, "can't make a coherent argument" against the $35-billion SCHIP expansion proposal (Spitzer dubbed it a "little bit of extra money"), which Kuhl opposed on the grounds of excessive size and redundancy. (AP) (WETM)
UPDATE: From WPIG's Gary Nease: Kuhl is not budging on the issue, according to his latest media conference call. (10/14)

Silence: After news that we've heard that the Erie County and Chautauqua County clerks plan on continuing to abide by state law and refusing licenses to those who cannot produce a Social Security card, the word out of Cattaraugus County has been silence. More to come... (10/14)
UPDATE 10/15: Not so fast, says county legislator Charles Krause (Olean Times-Herald)...
UPDATE 10/17: ...and of course... our county clerk says "it's not really a big deal." (Olean Times-Herald)...

Something you should note: While my father was out of town attending to some personal business, the High Horsemen pounced at the village board meeting. (Salamanca Press) (10/14-- meeting took place 10/9)

Heads up for bowhunters: bowhunting season for deer and bear began this past Saturday, 10/13 (WETM)... meanwhile, shotgun season begins next month. (10/13)

VIOLATION OF EQUAL TIME LAWS? Radio station WHHO 1320 in Hornell, New York has apparently given two hours per week to 29th Congressional District candidate (and MoveOn.org darling) Eric Massa to host an "entertainment" radio show on the station. It appears this is not paid advertising. More to come... (10/12)

How big are these boys' bladders, because this is one of the longest p!$$ing contests I've ever seen: Now it has been revealed that Eliot Spitzer not only sought to sic the State Troopers on Joe Bruno, he tried to get the IRS in on the act as well! (New York Post) (10/12)

Well, this is embarrassing... welcome to Malone, New York--er, Vermont...? (AP) (10/12)

New York State Fall Foliage Report: Week of October 11
Something fishy about this week's report if you ask me: while most of the state either stayed the same or moved one category up, Cattaraugus County jumped from "mid-point" to "peak" in one week (even though the text report only cites "near peak" foliage). The rest of the state lies at mid-peak or near peak, with the outer mountain areas at peak foliage and the inner parts of the Catskills and Adirondacks well past peak.
FoliageNetwork.com gives "near peak" status to area foliage, fairly close since the State of New York usually projects their maps a few days in advance (for weekend sightseers). Weather.com seems to be painting a very broad brush, putting all of New York State north of Binghamton in "peak foliage" so I wouldn't trust them for local details.
Source: ILoveNY.com

About time: Taylor Law under review (AP)... (10/8)

Alan Hevesi is not out of the woods just yet (AP)... (10/8)

Categorize this under "something you don't see everyday in a small town:" a high-speed chase on Route 417-- 96 in a 55. (WESB) (10/8)

Sheldon Silver: "Remember me...?" Apparenty disappointed by the loss of attention caused by Eliot Spitzer's escapades, Assembly Boss Speaker Sheldon Silver is now advising Spitzer to subpoena his archnemesis Joe Bruno just for the heck of it (NY Daily News)... (10/8)

Reviews not good for Spitzer's alien driver's license plan (AP)... (10/6)

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