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Archived stories from Monday, December 7, 2009 through Saturday, February 6, 2010

Candy Jimerson, 47, of Little Valley, arrested on charges of peddling illegal prescription drugs (e.g. Oxycontin) (WESB)... 2/5

You are witnessing history:
The slow erasure of Limestone off the map continues (Olean Times Herald)... 2/4

219 news: Federal government will refuse to allow the construction of any new highway south of Snake Run in Ashford unless the Senecas will allow a highway onto their territory... good luck with that... in other words, we will effectively have a highway that originally stopped in a village (Springville) now dumping out in Ashford, in the middle of nowhere, not significantly closer to anything (Olean Times Herald)... 2/4

I'm not much of a poll guy, but when a Quinnipiac poll comes out showing 3-to-1 support for a state employee wage freeze, I stand up and take notice (Quinnipiac)... the other part, I assume, is the state workers and teachers... 2/4

Buffalo developer and political activist Carl Paladino mulls a run for governor
(Buffalo News)... Albany press doesn't even mention it on their blogs... 2/3 He could very well have my vote.

Your local state legislature election fundraising numbers...
Giglio raises a mere $100... Young "sitting pretty" and continues to raise tens of thousands in cash... for what??? She hasn't had a serious challenger--well, ever (Buffalo News)... 2/3

Things that remind you of Obama:
Remember Rose Sconiers, the judge who singlehandedly blocked the state's previous effort to collect taxes on Indian cigarette sales? Well, Paterson got her out of the way-- she's getting a promotion (Buffalo News)... 2/2 (Funny how Paterson, like Obama, likes to promote his political opponents, while Pataki used to promote his political cronies. Not sure which is worse. It'd be nice if someone actually made qualified appointments without regard to politics... but these are politicians we're talking about.)

The election is on:

* Rick Lazio comes out swinging... looks like Andrew Cuomo's not going to be able to hide as a "non-candidate" for much longer (New York Post)...
* ...but hold on: a guy who probably has little or no chance of winning, Libertarian Warren Redlich, announces he will also seek the Republican line, and not only that, proposes a $100,000 a year salary cap for public employees (Albany Times-Union)... 2/1

New York City politicians want to claim their prisoners, which they send upstate to keep them away from the city, as New York City residents so that they can get yet more power in the legislature... gee... because that NYC-led one-party government is doing SO well right now (end sarcasm) (Albany Times-Union)... 1/29

Potential gubernatorial candidate Steve Levy's proposal for fixing the budget crisis: declare a fiscal emergency and call in the control board (New York Post)... 1/27

Chris Collins drops out of governor's race, will not back would've-been primary opponent Rick Lazio, encourages state GOP to look for someone else
(Buffalo News)... 1/26

They don't care about you, part... I lost count:
State unions are upset that the governor is using temporary workers, who will work for less, during a financial crisis... naturally (Albany Times-Union)... 1/26

Appointed Senator Gillibrand refuses to meet with Senecas... Senecas threaten to run ads against her (Buffalo News)... 1/26

Flood heads-up: Allegheny River cresting above flood stage in both Olean and Salamanca...

Quality Markets widely expected to stay open-- under the Tops name-- as Tops buys the grocery chain, which has stores in Frewsburg, Ellicottville and Randolph (Jamestown Post-Journal)... 1/26

The governor's budget proposal:
Still growing!!! Claims he can't cut benefits, won't stand up against the unions, so he'll pass the buck to municipalities and bring back the soda tax (official release)... 1/19
COMMENT: So Paterson claims that they can't cut benefits or salaries, but he proposes massive cuts to the lower levels of government who are subject to those same benefits and salaries! Get some courage [edited to be less graphic], governor. Something needs to be done.
UPDATE: Paterson does a not-quite-180, more of a 135: will consider taxing the Indians... but only after 6 months of public comment (NY Observer)... 1/19

Explosives: not something you should play with yourself (Dunkirk Observer)... 1/18

God help us... the lone announced Republican candidate against Gillibrand calls Olean "Oleana" (Liz Benjamin)... 1/17 (Update: Liz is taking the blame for mistranscribing the name...)

Republicans getting ready to stand up against influence from NYC Democrats using their summer homes to vote (AP)... 1/17

Take this for what it's worth, it's the New York Post, who's in the tank for Andrew Cuomo, but... Paterson allegedly caught ogling a young Latina (New York Post)... 1/17

It's good to be a teacher... taxpayer? Not so much: Chautauqua Lake teachers, in the middle of a recession, get a 15% raise now, and 5% raises for each of the next two years, plus back pay (Jamestown Post-Journal)... 1/17

Who did Timothy Toohey double-cross?? (Olean Times Herald)... 1/12

Paterson mulling yet another cigarette tax increase, but still won't touch the Indians (Buffalo News)... 1/11

Paterson's State of the State: HE WILL NOT MAKE TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE! (Times Union has it though)... Press release summary... video... legislators simply ignore them and fiddle with their Blackberries? (New York Times)... Gary Nease says that Young and Giglio were mostly positive about it, but I don't even know if they were even there, because I know they both knew Francis Andera and I spotted both stopping at calling hours on Tuesday... (Francis Andrea is my father's sister's husband-- i.e. uncle by marriage-- and was well-connected in local Republican circles. He died last Wednesday night.)

The Seneca Nation comes out in favor of cigarette smuggling??? Seriously? I know I've called the Seneca leadership corrupt criminals before, but this proves my point exactly (Olean Times Herald)... 1/6

The mysterious case of the disappering state pension checks--60,000, mostly from this area of the state (Plattsburgh Press-Republican)... 1/6

So, um... Eric Massa claims that the attempted terrorist attack that occurred on Christmas was the Republicans' fault??? (Olean Times Herald)... 1/1

Seneca Nation losing money on the casinos, $19M loss on $700M revenue, compared to a $102M profit in 2008 (Sharon Turano)... 12/31

They don't care about you: Teachers' unions making a run on the state pension system before cost-savings measures kick in (Gannett)... 12/31

Cattaraugus County Judge Larry Himelein censured for attempting to collude with other judges to extort pay raises from the legislature (Albany Times-Union)... 12/28 UPDATE 1/1: Himelein slightly indignant, accepts censure but accuses people of "snooping" (Olean Times Herald)...

Merry Christmas: Powerball coming to New York
(Gannett)... 12/25

Oh, the joys of working the night shift:
Buffalo meteorologist Mike Cejka involved in police chase, becomes butt of jokes on Buffalo News Web site (Buffalo News)... 12/23

Farmers... do you like pork? Then this federal bill is for you (WESB)... 12/20

Pardon me for being a cynic, but when you're about to get embroiled in a very difficult election, one that you have a strong chance of losing, and out comes a puff piece about how you saved a man's life... I get a little suspicious... ahem, Eric Massa (Olean Times Herald)... 12/17

When is a tax not a tax? When it's a tribute... not sure if I'd be honored or insulted if a tax was named after me (Dunkirk Observer)... 12/14

Paterson does what he should have done long ago: cut off state funding (AP)... 12/14

Our illegally installed lieutenant governor says we should pay no attention to the ethical problems in Albany (Elizabeth Benjamin)... 12/9

Bruno busted: Former Senate Republican Leader Joseph Bruno convicted on two counts of "theft of honest services," faces up to 40 years in prison (Jimmy Vielkind) (more from the Times Union) (and the NY Daily News)... Young, virtually all other Republicans silent... 12/8

So, I guess the question is... why??? WESB reports that county legislature chairperson Crystal Abers has resigned, two years before her term was up... she will have a parachute, though: she lands in the county's office of Economic Development, Planning and Tourism. This comes a few days after minority leader Linda Witte resigned her post to focus full-time on her position as mayor of Olean (though other mayors have served in both positions at once)... hmm... 12/7

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