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Archived stories from Tuesday, December 7, 2010 through Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cuomo wakes up??? (Gannett)... 1/31

...and another company leaves New York:
Luminite to set up permanent shop in Bradford, Pennsylvania (WESB)... 1/27

Cattaraugus County sales tax is back in the black (WPIG)... 1/27

And so it begins: Democrats begin muckraking on the breakaway Senate caucus (Gannett)... 1/27

Cockaigne ski resort catches fire
(Jamestown Post-Journal)... 1/25

Numerous reports: Cuomo aims to cut over 10,000 jobs from the state payroll... 1/20

Our brilliant U.S. Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand: nearly-slain Rep. Gabby Giffords was "the most non-partisan person I've ever met." Giffords was a registered Democrat who voted in line with the party on the bailout, the stimulus, and the health care bill. Some nonpartisan. (New York Observer)... 1/18

Judges looking to unionize (New York Times)... 1/11

Stunner: Young bumped from expected spot as chair of ag. committee in favor of rookie Patty Ritchie, will instead chair housing committee (Jimmy Vielkind)... 1/11

Assemblyman Giglio named as Assembly Republican representative to the Cuomo Medicaid Redesign Team (Liz Benjamin)... 1/7

Summary of responses to Andrew Cuomo's state of the state
Young: very positive... Giglio: cautiously optimistic, he talks a good game... Lundine: favorable... Paladino: nowhere near enough... Sheldon Silver: we can work together... unions: we disagree but look forward to working with him... Cuomo campaign lapdog Fred Dicker: I don't like this...
By the way... I appreciate the New York Association of Counties for having me on their press contact list. Their statement is as follows:
"Governor Cuomo is correct in saying New York State is at a crossroads. After decades of over-spending, over-taxing, over-regulating and over-mandating, the State is facing a $10 billion deficit and must now make very difficult decisions. Counties, which deliver and fund Medicaid and other State health and human service mandates that cost county property taxpayers $4 billion a year, support cuts in spending and increased local flexibility that would result in lower property tax bills. We applaud the creation of two committees designed to reform State mandates. After all, currently 9 state mandates consume 90 percent of the county property tax levy Statewide. For counties, Medicaid is the single largest cost for property taxpayers, at more than $7 billion a year. Since 1966, Counties have been a partner in the State’s Medicaid program and we should be an active participant in the Governor’s Medicaid Redesign Team. In addition, county leaders look forward to working with Governor Cuomo’s Mandate Relief Team to address the root cause of the highest property taxes in the nation.
--William J. Ryan,  President, NYSAC

Four white Democrats to break from state Senate's Democratic caucus (two upstate, two downstate) (Buffalo News)... 1/5
...from one of the dissidents' Web sites: apparently the Prohibition era is alive and well...

This picture should explain the degree of professionalism and maturity legislative-activist-turned-AG Eric Schneiderman will show for his job (New York Daily News)... 1/5

Seneca nation: casinos are fine if we run them, but not if other tribes run them (AP)... 1/4

Little Valley Skating Rink at Underwood Pond opens tonight... 1/4

This is weird: Governor Cuomo can't take the heat-- literally! (Newsday)... 1/3


Still up? Catch some New Year action in the Central Time Zone with the Little Apple Drop in Manhattan--Kansas, that is. Last year we featured the Moon Pie Raising of Mobile, Alabama-- unfortunately, that one's not online this year. 1/1 1am

Worst dressed list: Roger Stone picks up where Mr. Blackwell left off... 12/31

New York's sitting U.S. senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, looking to move out of New York (New York Daily News)... 12/30

This is too funny: New York sues BP-- because its stock price went down (Gannett)... 12/30

How the New York Post reports: The AP original. The New York Post's "additional reporting." 12/29

BREAKING: CATTARAUGUS CUTLERY COMPANY BUILDING, VACANT SINCE 1963, HAS PARTIALLY COLLAPSED... roof atop the corner of the building near the receiving/shipping entrance has completely fallen in, and the corner of the wall next to said entrance has come detached from the main building. (FV Exclusive) 9:30 a.m. 12/27

Another article on the Marcellus Shale (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, via Newzjunky)... 12/27

Democratic Assemblyman (and one-time potential NY-29 candidate) David Koon charged with harassment over Paladino lawn signs this past October (Gannett)... 12/27

Senate Democrats-- still not getting it: Meet Mike Gianaris, the new party pit bull, saying they'll retake the senate before the end of the term by forcing a special election somewhere (Buffalo News)... 12/26

Merry Christmas from Fullervision...12/25

TRACK SANTA CLAUS (NoradSanta.org)... 12/24

The controversial new wood boiler regulations put forth by the DEC today (official law)... 12/22

More evidence that development of Marcellus Shale is a good thing for upstate New York (WKPQ)... 12/22

...but there's no need to change things: New York to be stripped of two census seats (AP)... 12/21

Thornton "Pete" Newhouse, former county legislator, physical education teacher and six-man football coach, dead at 89 (obituary)... 12/20

Read this week's weather forecast and ski report... 12/18

Soon-to-be former county public works commissioner Dave Rivet is hightailing it to suburban Philadelphia (Olean Times Herald)... 12/18

Wage freezes picking up steam in local government (Michael Gormley, AP)... 12/18

Catharine Young parties with lobbyists (New York Daily News)... 12/16
Last week (12/16) I posted a rumor from an anonymous member of the Little Valley Fire Department. The rumor stated that the board of fire commissioners was considering decommissioning the department's ladder truck instead of paying for it to be repaired, and the source was opposed to the move. The source had heard this information from a member of their family and relayed it on to me. The rumor was part of an invitation for me to attend the fire department meeting. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication between myself and the source, I reported the rumor before the meeting, when the source had intended me to report on it AFTER the meeting if it were to be substantiated. Last night I was informed by fire chief David Shinners, who was none too pleased with the leak, that the board opted to pay for the repairs to the truck, putting the rumor to rest. He is also quite upset with the source of the leak, though he is not certain who it is. I apologize for jumping the gun on the story and for spreading any gossip that should not have been spread before a decision had been made. 12/24
Town of Little Valley to be audited... town highway superintendent resigns the same night as the announcements (FV exclusive)... 12/16

What Andrew Cuomo is hiding: he freeloads off his girlfriend's suburban home and pays no property taxes... and hides this fact until after the elections (Jimmy Vielkind)... 12/10

...and this is why the Democrats lost control of the state senate: Senate leader will not call for expulsion of black liberal Democrat Kevin Parker after conviction on misdemeanor charges, despite leading charge for expulsion of Hispanic Democrat Hiram Monserrate for misdemeanor charges. The big difference? Monserrate supported the Republicans' coup attempt in 2009... but let's not talk about that. (Jimmy Vielkind)... 12/7 Update: The same leadership is just as quick to sanction Pedro Espada, the other Hispanic Democrat involved in the coup, before he even faces trial (Liz Benjamin)... 12/14

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