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Answering questions you may have
Everything you wanted to know about Fullervision Enterprises, Unltd...
Questions regarding Fullervision in general:
What is this and who is running it?
This is the Fullervision News Media Center, a local news aggregate and provider serving the village of Little Valley, NY by J. Myrle Fuller.
What does the "J" stand for, and are you related to Myrle Fuller of Ellicottville?
If you're from Little Valley, you likely know my first name. I don't post it here for security purposes. And yes, I am related to Myrle Fuller of Ellicottville (Myrle isn't exactly a common name, you know).
Didn't you have a radio show or something a few years back?
Yes, I had a show called "J**** Fuller in the Morning" that I broadcast on a walkie-talkie back in 2003, it ran weekly and then sporadically from that point on until 2005. I just bought some new equipment (the old equipment got lost and destroyed) and I hope to revive the show soon.
I have a press release or a news story I want to put out. Can I use your site?
Yes. I'm always looking for stories about the Little Valley area. However, I do exercise editorial discretion and won't publish everything that gets sent. Contact me via instant message or e-mail links on the header in the home page.

Questions regarding FSB:
Is this legal?
Sort of. I'm not providing the feeds in the FSB service, radio stations are. If the league has a problem, they can deal with them, not me.
I'm getting some program (or dead air) other than the game I requested. What's going on?
What's going on is that the event is being pre-empted by the station. I've tried to pick out stations that pre-empt as little as possible, but it still occasionally happens. Try the "other resources" links in the lefthand column on that page.
Your links don't work, help!
Make sure your browser has enabled JavaScript (I've camouflaged the links to keep people from copying the links) and the latest versions of the basic media players.
Can I get a video feed of the game from your site?
No. The reason is because there are no legitimate feeds available.
What about P2P sites (TVU, Sopcast, etc.)?
They're illegal feeds. They're piped in by some schmidglek who doesn't own the feed and thus is violating federal law. I refuse to endorse piracy. Besides, using P2P software is risky.

Questions regarding yourRadioLive:
Where are all the: progressive talk shows, top-40 chart shows, urban stuff, and Christian shows?
The top-40/urban stuff is stuff I don't know and quite frankly can't stand, so it's been at the bottom of my priority list. As for Christian stuff, it's next on my list and I plan on rolling out some soon, but much of the Christian programming out there is paid and thus I don't like to post it. (I'm not an infomercial clearing house, which is why you don't see umpteen shows about "alternative medicine"-- i.e. snake oil-- on my pages.)
As for progressive talk, I placed a fatwa to ban the genre back in 2004 when I first started listing these shows until Air America Radio folds. If they do fold, I may lift the fatwa.
More questions and answers coming soon...

The History of Fullervision
The story begins in 2001. I had been using the term "Fullervision" for several years as a label for my imaginative creations. The Fuller household had just acquired a computer for Christmas (an old HP running Windows 95), and I was 15. One of the goals that my father had was to construct a Web site. After playing with some software and such, I was able to figure out the ins and outs of Web site design, and the Fuller Family Reunion Web site was born in 2002. The first personal Web site was a weather outlet called "X-Weather," a local weather information site that lasted all of 3 weeks and garnered virtually no attention. [Its successor, Weather Nation, still exists as a page on Fullervision today.]

The Radio Show
For a couple of years, I had used a baby monitor as a broadcasting unit for Little Valley Wrestling, a now-defunct backyard federation. I was the ringside announcer despite my lack of knowledge of the sport. The league ended in 2002 and I was granted the championship, which I hold to this very day.
In August 2003, on a boring summer day, I was listening to a sports-talk station (also now defunct), and I got this idea to start my own morning radio show. So, using one of those toy walkie-talkies you can buy at a dollar store, I set up a broadcast station using an old rooftop antenna and a back room. On August 7, 2003 at 6:00 AM, I launched "J*** Fuller in the Morning," a mainly news-based morning magazine. (I soon found out that 6 AM was a tad early for me to be getting up on a consistent basis, especially in the summer, and moved the show to 6:30.) Besides news, the show also aired a weekly serial called "The Continuing Adventures of GayMan," a comedy sketch co-written by myself and my brother about a homosexual superhero and his archnemesis, the womanizing redneck Earl "Craw Daddy" Crosby, on Wednesdays, a proposed Pig Latin news service on Fridays (the problem was that news always kept breaking on Friday mornings and I didn't want it to be garbled in Pig Latin), a short-lived "Stark Raving Saturday" rant on Saturdays, and a sports magazine called "Football Sunday" on Sunday mornings at 8:30. It was from the "In the Morning" program that I launched what is currently Fullervision.net.

The Birth of the Web site
The show piqued a lot of interest when people heard about it, but people were unable to pick it up. So, using some space on the Fuller Reunion Web site, I built a humble Web page with an editorial section. In December, I got a job and, because I worked later and because of weather, had to make significant cuts to the show and it became a weekly program. (The show would eventually end its run in the summer of 2005, with a possible revival slated for summer 2006.) To compensate, I put more effort and focus into the Web site. I questioned everything that the mainstream media said and broke it down in "special reports." Our original computer was on the verge of going kaput, so the Fuller household acquired a new Dell running XP in March of 2004, which we're still paying off to this day (and shouldn't be).

From toddf51.tripod.com/jfu to fullervision.qn.com
As the Web site grew, I soon figured that the mess of a URL that I was using was hard to remember. The Web site had been called "In the Morning News," listed as a production of Fullervision Enterprises, Unltd. So, I decided to make a change. When I went to college in August 2004, I changed the name of the site to Fullervision Enterprises News and got a new address: fullervision.qn.com. The most significant part of late 2004 was the joint coverage of the 2004 elections with Orbusmax.com, a Web site serving the Pacific Northwest. 2004 also gave birth to our "holiday guides," our annual nuts-and-bolts pages for major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

New ideas: the streaming audio pages
2005 was a big year for the Fullervision Web site. A "newslog" format listing stories by day was adopted on January 1. FV also launched a talk radio page. The page started with only a few hosts-- Don Imus, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Lars Larson, with local content filling in the gaps. It has slowly grown to almost 100 hosts, with programming ranging from talk to country to oldies to soft pop.
Being in Oswego, NY, I apparently was just out of the range of any radio station that carried NFL football, so I went on a scouring mission to see if I could find any Internet stations that carried the games. I knew that the NFL had this "Field Pass" system where you have to pay, but that didn't stop me from trying. It didn't take long for me to succeed in finding a station, and so I began linking it on my Web site. I soon found other sources for other teams and nationally syndicated games, and so I linked to them to create an NFL radio page. It attracted people (many just irritated by the idiotic musings of Joe Theismann, as it turns out) like butter attracts flies.
The summer of 2005 was a good one for Fullervision. The Fuller household acquired a scanner, and FV was able to snag interviews with the region's top newsmakers during the opening of the Pat McGee trail. Fullervision's coverage was among the best for elections that year, including special elections and the November locals.

From fullervision.qn.com to fullervision.net
In July 2005, I made the next big step. qn.com, our redirector, all of a sudden disappeared from the Web. So I had to do something-- that something was to finally shell out $50 for a year of Web space and a domain name, fullervision.net.
The next big change came in late 2005, when I was able to tweak some JavaScript code to make a pseudo-Internet station. I had been trying since 2004 but had been unable to get the code to work correctly, but digging through the old archives, I was able to build a working station. It carries all of the original hosts I listed on the talk radio page except for O'Reilly. It was given the call sign "WFV" to represent Fullervision, and it has effectively superceded the mini-station I ran in 2003, although I have yet to produce any original programming for the station. (With 100 shows to choose from, who needs to produce any more?)

Summer 2006 Onward
Fullervision continued to grow. The Talk Radio page, now containing far more than just talk radio, expanded to over 250 shows and is now called "yourRadioLive." The

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