Fuller Sports Broadcasting

Links to LEGIT live NFL video feeds. Some of these feeds may require a subscribing cable provider to access.

A farewell message…

For several years, I posted a page at this URL putting up audio links to National Football League games. When I started this page I had a fascination with Internet radio and being able to more or less assemble my own radio station, listening to my favorite shows and events by listening to stations across the country. While talk shows (they were the most prominent shows in the early to mid-2000s before Internet radio became viable again) were easy to find and discover, the NFL openly discouraged its affiliates from streaming NFL games. Well, I still found affiliates that did it anyway, and for almost a decade I posted the links I found here.

Well, things have changed quite a bit since then. For one, now a couple of networks (ESPN and NBC) now offer not only radio, but officially sanctioned television feeds on their own Web sites (provided you are with a cable provider that's willing to pay those networks for access). Furthermore, my current technological situation, and my activities on Sundays, make it much more difficult for me to maintain a page like this on a regular basis, and many others have taken up the task as well. Plus, my interest in the medium is simply fading; while I still listen to some sporting events that aren't available on TV, I'm at a point where most of my online listening is music radio.

So, simply put, I'm done.

If you're still interested in free NFL Internet radio streams, you can visit FreeFootballRadio.com to sort through all a team's streaming affiliates. I believe Wikipedia maintains a list of each team's broadcasters as well.

As I have said before, I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING OVERSEAS PIRATE VIDEO SITES. It is my personal belief that the radio or television station pays the transmission rights fees for the program and thus should have the legal right to transmit said program as they choose, but that does NOT apply to any willy-nilly guy who can hook up a TV to an Internet stream.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

J. Myrle Fuller