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Fuller's DeepLook weather forecast is on indefinite hiatus.

Official local forecast map

From the National Weather Service WFO in Buffalo, NY:

Buffalo, NY weather synopsis

Official national forecast map

From the Weather Prediction Center

        weather forecast


Central Great Lakes RADAR loop

Satellite imagery

From the GOES-16 Satellite

GOES Satellite - Great Lakes


Land-based and air-based observations

Jet stream

Published by Environment Canada

Jet stream

Forecast models

Weather radio and television


This section contains information and data pertaining to atmospheric propagation (skywave) of radio and television signals. It is probably of very little use to most meteorologists or weather enthusiasts, though broadcast engineers, DXers (people who have a hobby of receiving long-distance TV and radio signals), and people with Asperger syndrome who have this as a special interest might find it of use.

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About this page / legal disclaimers

This page contains a collection of images and links to assist meteorologists (such as myself) in producing forecasts. It includes links to radar, surface analyses, satellite images, model forecasts, upper-air soundings and maps, and the like. Some of the content on here is experimental. While most of the content on here is either public domain (U.S. government data) or freely licensed (Canadian and Japanese government data), there are some items that are copyrighted (television station RADARs, some forecast models, New York State government data, and the USPLN lightning detection maps) and may only be used and redistributed under the terms and conditions set by the copyright holder. Most of it is marked with the © symbol.

Note that some of the U.S. government-issued products linked from here are to non-U.S. government sources. While they may try to claim a copyright on their images, U.S. copyright law requires a certain level of original creation to claim a valid copyright, which in most such examples here is not the case.

No effort has been made to make this page comprehensive for the entire United States or world. It is focused mainly on upstate New York and the northeastern United States.

While this page has been made in good faith, neither Fullervision.net nor its owner makes any warranty or statement regarding the reliability of these products and will not be held liable for anything stemming from its use. You alone are responsible for what you do with this information.

Please note: Many of the tools on this page are meant to be used by meteorologists trained in their usage. Amateurs are free to peruse the materials, and if they can understand them, more power to them. However, if you get in over your heads... don't say I didn't warn you.

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